Workplace Health and Safety Consulting

SRTA Life & Rescue offer a full range of Work Health and Safety consultancy services.

It is our firm belief that workplace health and safety consulting is about listening to the  needs of clients and evaluating options that work for your  organisation, not just a solution that’s one dimensional.

SRTA Life & Rescue take the time to understand the client’s requirement’s to ensure that the best results for your organisation’s investments are achieved.

Our consulting team have a wide background in areas such as Height Safety, Confined space, Emergency Response, Emergency Management, Rehabilitation of injured workers, Health and Wellbeing and many more.


Safety Audits

SRTA Life & Rescue offer a full range of auditing services from compliance site inspections in accordance with regulations, to more in-depth audits such as working at heights, confined spaces, hazardous chemicals, emergency readiness and Pre AS4801 compliance audits.

We compile and present a customised report on hazards and non-compliance’s including a recommended solution after consultation with the workforce.

SRTA Life & Rescue will not leave you with a list of problems you don’t know how to rectify.

Our audit and reports are in an easy to understand format with no jargon.


Policy and Procedure Development

From small businesses to large organisations, SRTA Life & Rescue will develop and review all your workplace safety policies and procedures.

Our team has extensive experience in the development of workplace policies and procedures with a large data base of existing documents that can be customised to suit your organisational needs, making it cost effective for your workplace health and safety management system.

Our team have written an extensive scope of documents that covers a diverse range of companies and industries including the following examples Utilities, Aquaculture, Mining, Emergency Services, Health Care, Retail, Airlines, and Small Business.


Incident Investigations

Sometimes things can,  and do go wrong.

SRTA Life & Rescue can provide an incident investigation service that is independent from insurance companies, authorities and your worksite, giving you an advantage in identifying root causes of incidents.

We will help your organisation prepare and liaise with the necessary authorities such as Worksafe, while providing guidance on how to implement practical controls and solutions by one of our experienced team.

The key is to start these processes as early as possible.

SRTA Life & Rescue provide a 24 hr service for incident investigation, delivered by one of our highly trained and accredited team.


Drug & Alcohol Testing

It’s an unfortunate reality in the workplace that people turn up to work under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

SRTA life & Rescue provide workplaces with the tools needed to fulfill an organisations duty of care under the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

We are able to undertake consultation with staff, management and Unions, in the development of processes and procedures, accompanied with the practical collection of samples.

Our team can do it all for you by providing a full 24/7 service for Drug and Alcohol testing so you can access the service when needed.


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