Fire extinguisher training

Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents One Day Course

National training code: MSMWHS212

Location: Hobart, Launceston and Burnie

Duration: 8 hours

Max participants: 10



SRTA Life & Rescue is a Registered Training Organisation RTO number 45278 registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

SRTA Life & rescue is proud to offer training in MSMWHS212 – Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents One Day Course

Course Description

This course provides learners with the skills and knowledge required to act as a first response to fire situations. This course is designed to meet the requirements from the Manufacturing training package, MSM.

Learners will understand how to identify fire types and what extinguishing medium to use if safe to do so and what actions to take in the event of a fire such as raising the alarms and communications with emergency services.

This unit of competency applies to persons who are required to respond to fires in the workplace.

fire extinguisher on concrete column

Topics covered:

  • Evaluate and communicate the location, nature and extent of the fire emergency in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Maintain personal safety at all times in accordance with WHS guidelines.
  • Put on appropriate protective clothing in accordance with organisation procedures.
  • Select appropriate extinguishing agents based on knowledge of fire and fuel types.
  • Operate basic fighting equipment safely, according to manufacturer specifications and organisation procedure, in order to contain the fire emergency.
  • Follow emergency reporting procedures.
  • Identify appropriate authorities and notify.
  • Clearly and unambiguously communicate information concerning the emergency.
  • Evacuate area in a safe and controlled manner when first response has failed to control the fire emergency, or has proven inappropriate.
  • Secure immediate area of the emergency to ensure no further loss occurs to people, equipment, process and environment.
  • Practical use of fire fighting equipment on simulated fire

This course prepares learners to undertake the assessment to obtain a Statement of Attainment MSMWHS212 – Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents

Mode of Delivery

Delivery of this course will be classroom based blended with practical activities.

Assessment Summary

The learner will be assessed by demonstrating procedures applicable to this unit. They will also be required to answer a number of written questions regarding their actions and theoretical application of knowledge. The assessment will also be part of a simulated activity set by the assessor.

This assessment must be conducted by an SRTA Life & Rescue assessor and must be completed in the workplace or in another environment that accurately simulates the workplace. The assessor is to actively set tasks for the learner and must observe these tasks being performed.

To standardise the application of this assessment, the assessment tasks are based on those specific in the Unit of Competency, MSMWHS212 – Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents and those of the MSM Training Package.

The assessor will use an assessment instrument mapped accordingly to the assessment requirements of this Unit of Competency. Assessors will apply an assessment procedure to ensure you are ready for the assessment and have the right resources and equipment to achieve the right standard.

Course Topics

  • Identifying fire emergency and raising alarm
  • Initiate basic fire responses
  • Notify responsible authorities
  • Undertake safe evacuation

National recognition

On successfully completing the training and assessment you will be issued a Statement of Attainment issuing you the unit of competence: MSMWHS212- Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents. This unit of competence is nationally recognised and provides individuals with a valuable outcome that can be applied throughout Australia.

Course Commencement Dates

Courses dates and times do vary. View our Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents One Day Courses.

Course Location

Training is delivered at:

6/18 Kennedy Drive – Cambridge – Hobart

2/18 Connector Park Drive – Kings Meadows Launceston

13 Wellington Street – Burnie

Course Materials

Learner training is supported through the provision of quality learning materials and resources.

Course Conduct

On arriving, learners will complete any outstanding enrolment administration and then participate in group learning activities.

After lunch we finish off our theory component and then put what is learnt into practice via our practical component. There is sufficient time over the day for additional one-on-one training for those requiring it.

At SRTA Life & Rescue we provide a friendly and supported environment to learn and achieve.

Pre-Requisites/Entry Requirements

  • Learners must be aged 18 years or older
  • Photo Identification is required to be sited prior to course commencement.
  • Language, literacy and numeracy skills required to interpret legislative requirements and to undertake written and practical assessment activities.
  • All course materials will be provided by SRTA Life & Rescue.

Clothing Requirement

Learners must wear safety boots.

Where a learner does not wear safety boots they will not be able to participate in the course due to work health and safety concerns.

Fees and Charges

Please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges as it contains important information about related charges and our refund policy.


A learner’s position on the course will only be confirmed upon a completed enrolment form and the payment of your course cost. Numbers are limited, so confirmed enrolments will only be able to attend.

Duty Of Care

SRTA Life & Rescue adopts high standards in duty of care of its learners and instructors. SRTA Life & Rescue reserves the right to turn anyone away that seems to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This action is to ensure that the learner and instructors safety is assured and that SRTA Life & Rescue maintains an accident free learning environment and complies with our duty of care responsibilities.

SRTA Life & Rescue is responsible for the quality and delivery of training and assessment and will be the organisation issuing any qualifications and statements of attainment to eligible learners.

Please find the links to Learner HandbookSchedule of Fees & Charges and USI Fact Sheet these must be read in conjunction with this page.

For more information, or for a copy of the course brochure, please Contact SRTA Life & Rescue.

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