COVID-19 Response & Online Training Courses

SRTA Life & Rescue are taking the COVID 19 Crisis very seriously and

monitoring changes day by day, Hour by hour, SRTA Life & Rescue have implemented all the government guidelines to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19.


SRTA Life & Rescue work across a diverse range of industries suppling different

services to these client’s, SRTA Life & Rescue have been identified as a critical suppler in the pandemic crisis due to our customer base we support which

includes Utilities, Department of Health, Department of Emergency Management, Department of Justice and the Food Chain Supply Industry to name a few.

Online Training

SRTA Life & Rescue are introducing online training courses this will enable employees to sit at home or in the workplace with no contact with others for theory

sessions. The practical assessments will be conducted one on one and will be conducted at our training facilities around the state in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie  some course assessments will also be available one on one at your workplace providing adequate facilities are available to assess students in a safe environment .

Courses offered online

SRTA Life & Rescue Urge any customers interested in the online training to email us at [email protected] with what courses you are interested in and how many staff you may have this will assist in our planning during this difficult time.

Safeguards for Employees & Customers

Signage regarding COVID – 19 are displayed in all public areas, training rooms, staff rooms, bath rooms, lunch areas (these are the Australian government information posters and how to wash hands)

Increased personal protective equipment for staff whilst cleaning public and work areas. Staff have been trained in the SRTA Life & Rescue workplace policy for COVID -19 and we monitor compliance.

We have increased our daily cleaning of all surfaces to two times a day minimum

Customers on arrival to our offices are assessed and are requested to inform us of any symptoms they may be experiencing in relation to COVID -19 or if they have been in contact with anyone in high risk of COVID-19, Anyone who has any symptoms or think they have symptoms will be asked to leave and given appropriate advice to prevent the spread and recommend to self-Isolate until symptoms resolve or if they get worse seek medical attention. The area they have been in will be fully cleaned to ensure we control any potential risk.

SRTA Life & Rescue staff are under the same instruction as the above and have been instructed not to attend work if showing any cold like symptoms, if they do they are to self-isolate until symptoms pass or if symptoms get worse to seek medical attention.

SRTA Life & Rescue will be monitoring and ensuring that if any staff come in to contact with high risk persons that they also Isolate for the 14 days as required.

We have placed hand sanitiser in all public areas and clean surfaces at least twice a day.

SRTA Life & Rescue have adopted the guidelines of social distancing in all work areas and staff have been trained in this.

SRTA Life & Rescue have also reduced class sizes to a maximum of 8 to ensure we are maintaining the required social distancing government regulations

All training room areas are cleaned twice a day and have a full clean and wipe down at the end of the day, this includes but not limited to, Desks, Chairs, Door Handles, Toilets, Sinks and Public areas.

SRTA Life & Rescue are limiting our onsite works to a minimum to reduce contact and exposure to staff.

In the case of a class size of 11 that were booked prior to the COVID 19 safety measures been implemented to limit exposure, SRTA Life & Rescue are splitting groups and placing additional trainers into ensure we meet our own guidelines (this is at no additional cost)

SRTA Life & Rescue management are constantly reviewing the implemented COVID 19 safety measure to ensure we are meeting or exceeding any government advice

We are here to assist all our customers and support everyone throw this very difficult time and thank you all for your support.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact us on 62484780 or email [email protected] or contact myself directly on contacts below

Phone:           6248 4780

Email:             [email protected]

Best Regards

Marcus Walmsley  

CEO SRTA Life & Rescue

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